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Release iText 0.71 - iText 0.89

iText 0.71 - iText 0.89 is a release for iText. 

iText 0.71 - iText 0.89 is a release for iText. 

iText 0.71 - iText 0.89

iText 0.71 (December 2001)

Based on paulo-84

  • Ameliorations in the Table-class
  • correction in PdfEncryption. The mask permission bits were incorrect and allowed the security parameters to be changed in Acrobat.
  • corrected PdfPTable. Some cases of tables were not crossing correctly the pages.
  • chapters and sections have the option of presenting themselves as opened or colapsed.
  • improved line breaking for CJK fonts.
  • support for windows metafiles.
  • support for getting the dots-per-inch in an image. Usefull to get the image dimensions. This information is always available in WMF and sometimes in PNG and JPEG.
  • the last row in a nested PdfPTable is stretched to occupy the entire cell. Fix provided by Jin-Hsia Yang.
  • corrected the parameters bounds in PdfContentByte.setLineCap and PdfContentByte.setLineJoin.
  • added PdfContentByte.setLiteral. Allows the insertion of arbitrary content in the stream.
  • several new font descriptors are available in BaseFont.getFontDescriptor. These are all related to the font box dimensions.


iText 0.72 (December 2001)

Based on paulo-85

  • Further ameliorations in the Table-class (all Table bugs should be fixed now)
  • corrected bug with jpg images input as a byte array.
  • added open actions. When the document is opened an action can be called to position the document in a certain page or to call an URL, for example.
  • support for unicode meta tags in pdf such as author.
  • true type fonts can be used in unicode addressing mode. This is the only way to use this fonts with some encodings, such as Thai. CJK fonts can also be used this way, in fact, all the encodings can be used this way at the expense of 2 bytes per character instead of one.
  • support for true type font subsets. Only the glyphs actually used in the document are stored. The reduction of document size with fonts embedded is dramatic.
  • support for having different line break characters.
  • changed greek character handling in Phrase. Only the fonts (class Font) not constructed with BaseFont are elected to be automatically replaced with Symbol when greek characters are present. It was impossible to use a font with greek characters without them being replaced automatically.
  • some bugfixes by Mark Hall to the rtf package
  • some methods were changed from private to protected in the html package


iText 0.73 (December 2001)

Based on paulo-86

  • added suport for True Type Collections. Quite useful for using CJK fonts in Windows, such as msgothic.ttc, where the fonts are in this format.
  • added support for page labels. Page labels are used to identify each page visually on the screen or in print.
  • some changes to different comments (while writing the tutorial)


iText 0.80 (January 2002)

Based on paulo-87

  • HTML and CSS by Steve Ogryzek
  • Images as a listsymbol
  • fixed the paragraph indent bug
  • tutorial Chapter on RTF by Mark Hall
  • fonts can also be loaded from byte arrays, not only from files
  • fonts can be loaded without being cached
  • added BaseFont.getPostscriptFontName(), BaseFont.getCodePagesSupported() (this gets the code pages supported by the font. This has only meaning with True Type fonts.) and BaseFont.enumerateTTCNames() (to list all the names inside a TTC font)
  • added support to import pages from other PDF documents
  • added explicit masking and stencil masking to images


iText 0.81 (January 2002)

Based on paulo-88

  • added support for spot colors (code provided by Phillip Pan).
  • added support for Gray, CMYK and spot colors in Paragraph and other high level constructs.
  • added support to retrieve the full name of the font in BaseFont.
  • Rectangle.rotate() when applied to a page rotates the page rather that only changing the dimensions. Ghostscript has troubles with printing without this change.
  • minor changes to header detection in PRTokeniser.
  • minor memory improvement in reading fonts from arrays.
  • Bugfix when images are added with the XML to PDF functionality.
  • Support for some STYLE="" attributes in the HTML to PDF functionality.
  • removal of the classes Assert and AssertionError.
  • iText is now published under a multiple license: MPL / LGPL


iText 0.82 (February 2002)

Based on paulo-89

  • added colored and uncolored tiled patterns (code provided by Phillip Pan).
  • added named actions and launch actions.
  • java.awt.Images and raw images in BW are compressed with CCITT G4.
  • corrected bug in using templates as images used in PdfContentByte.addImage(). This also fixs the bug with WMF in the same situation.
  • fixed bug in reading pdf with multiple uncompressed page contents.
  • the pdf reader is now less strict in reading streams. Some documents don't follow the specs and failed although Acrobat Reader could open them.
  • finalize() eliminated from iText.
  • better error handling, mainly in close().
  • added page breaks in HtmlWriter (code provided by Antoine Blanc)
  • bugfix cell alignment in RTF (code provided by Mark Hall)
  • bugfix anchors in tables (Bruno Lowagie)
  • removed references to my email-address in the hope this will reduce mail sent to me personally (Bruno Lowagie)


iText 0.83 (February 2002)

  • RTF:
    • bugfixes
    • Rowspan and Colspan now work correctly (contributed by Steffen Stundzig)
    • setWidths(...) works correctly now (contributed by Steffen Stundzig)
    • Paragraphs in Cells are displayed correctly
    • Anchors in Paragraphs and Phrases work correctly now
    • New Features:
    • Header rows which are repeated at the top of each page are now supported (contributed by Steffen Stundzig)
    • Non alphanumeric characters are saved as their Unicode value (contributed by Steffen Stundzig)
  • Extended Annotation functionality: it is now possible to define clickable areas to jump to other documents, urls, applications,... (Bruno)
  • PDFs with LZW compression can be read. The decompressor is from Sun JAI codecs and from the license in the file we are shielded from Unisys. (Paulo)
  • Bugfix: some PDFs made with Ghostscript failed. (Paulo)
  • small changes to class Table (Bruno)


iText 0.84 (February 2002)

Based on paulo-90

  • added support for barcodes without using external fonts. Barcodes supported are:
    • EAN13
    • EAN8
    • UPCA
    • UPCE
    • Supplemental 2 and 5
    • CODE39
    • PLANET
  • added JavaScript actions.
  • added document level JavaScript.
  • added local goto action by page.
  • added chained actions.
  • font widths can be changed.


iText 0.85 (February 2002)

  • update of the tutorial
  • corrected the rotation of the pages in the tools Concat, Split, Encrypt and Handout
  • contribution by Matt Benson: package com.lowagie.text.markup allows you to create iText objects with extra attributes
  • iText0.84 came with a jar-file that could only be used with J2SDK1.4


iText 0.86 (February 2002)

Based on paulo-91 and paulo-92

  • added a Font Factory that allows you to register fonts and use them afterwards by specifying their postscript fontname instead of the path to their ttf- or ttc-file
  • added colspan to PdfPTable
  • the interface PdfPTableEvent changed because of colspan. True, interfaces shouldn't change but this interface is used only by a few and the change takes no time to fix.
  • added BARCODE128 and the special encoding UCC/EAN-128. Other encodings using this symbology are possible
  • added PdfWriter.setCropBoxSize()
  • fixed the problem while trying to add 2 images, a big and a small, near the bottom of a page. The first image was too large to fit, so it should have gone to the next page. However, the resulting pdf contained the second (smaller) image at the bottom of the page, while the larger image did not appear in the file.
  • simplified PdfReader.getPageSizeWithRotation()
  • fixed a bug in Rectangle that prevented page rotations bigger than 90 degrees.
  • fixed a bug that prevented annotations to be in the right place with rotated pages.
  • eliminated Rectangle.setRotation(). This can create inconsistencies.
  • fixed a bug that prevented deep nesting in Tables
  • fixed a bug in RtfWriter (escaping of the backslash)
  • moved all the code from com.lowagie.text.markup.* to com.lowagie.text.* The code Matt Benson added (see iText0.85) allows you to generate HTMLs with a CSS file.
  • changed all the constructors that created elements taking a Properties-object as parameter (For future use in the XML functionality).
  • fixed broken functionality: background color of a page


iText 0.87 (February 28, 2002)

  • class FontFactory:
    • size of a font changed from int to float
    • new getFont method taking attributes (Properties-object)
    • added names of the built in fonts
    • added a way to register an alias for a fontname
    • added public static variables for encoding and embedding
  • XML: nested tables, images in tables, remotegoto in Chunks,... are now supported
  • class Table:
    • possibility to force a Table (or it's cells) to be kept on one page
    • possibility to set an offset
    • cellborders and background disappeared if a table had a backgroundcolor
    • empty elements are no longer being added to a Cell
    • empty cells are not automatically filled anymore
    • extended support for nested tables
    • throwing an UnsupportedOperationException when one tries to get dimensions of the Table or Cell.
    • it is now possible to add an Image to a Cell
  • class Image:
    • fixed some bugs in the constructor that takes a Properties list
    • possibility to add an annotation => clickable image
  • RTF package:
    • Padding table cells works correctly now
    • Borders for rows are now possible
    • Cellspacing now works correctly
    • \n are now automatically parsed into new lines
    • support for HeaderFooters
    • TOC generation
    • page breaks are only inserted before top-level chapters


iText 0.88-iText 0.89 (March 19, 2002)

  • Let's forget about release 0.88. Some 'ameliorations' turned out to be bugs, the zip-files and tar.gz-files at SourceForge were corrupt, etc, etc... Let's hope 0.89 is a better number.
  • These were the 'bugfixes' in 0.88:
    • table layout (borders and backgroundcolor) is put in directContentUnder
    • Watermark is put in directContentUnder
  • some small changes in FontFactory
  • improved HTML generation (size of the generated HTML is reduced)
  • improved HTML parsing (the style attribute is being parsed)

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