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Release iText 2.0.5

iText 2.0.5 is a release for iText 2.

iText 2.0.5 is a release for iText 2.

iText 2.0.5

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • Added stamping capabilities for PdfCopy (contributed by Ryo Nakamura; optimized + support for adding annotations by Paulo)
    • Added support for PDF/A-1
    • Added support for icc profiles in jpeg
    • Added support for strikethru in HTMLWorker
    • Added support for the rgb() color notation in WebColors
    • Outlines can be set all at once in PdfWriter. Note that outlines set by other means, like Chapter, will be overridden.
    • PdfFileSpecification: file parameters and mime type can be set
    • Better password restriction control
    • XML parsing: whitespace is significant and must be processed.
    • Field flattening could cause a class cast exception with broken PDFs.
    • Tiff: broken tiffs with an invalid IFD pointer returned one less the real number of images
    • Tiff: TIFFTAG_JPEGIFOFFSET can be optional
    • PdfDate: dates in W3C format in the metadata were different than the PDF dates in the Info dictionary
    • Bugfix concerning the retrieval of the user password when owner password is known
    • Memory optimizations in class Phrase
    • RandomAccessFileOrArray: it's very expensive to open a memory mapped file and for the usage pattern of this class in iText it's faster the next re-openings to be done as a plain random access file
    • Preserve hyperlinks in PdfImportedPage (Michael Schierl)
    • Optimization of the DPI rounding in BMP, PNG and TIFF images
    • Removed some superfluous synchronized method modifiers.
    • Several improvements in memory fragmentation and thread locking in processing font data; some of the improvements were suggested on the mailing list and implemented by Paulo; one suggestion was sent to Bruno by Actuate.
    • PdfGraphics2D: jpeg compression is done with imageio (instead of with com.sun.image.codec.jpg.JPEGCodec)
    • PdfGraphics2D: partial acceptance of some extra functionality in drawString contributed by John Hellerud
    • PdfGraphics2D: enable bold simulation as proposed by John Hellerud, but with with extra check of the BaseFont
    • PdfPageLabels: added a series of null checks
    • PdfReader: fix to ascii85 decode (fixed by Aiken Sam)
    • PdfReader: page dimensions were assumed as direct objects
    • PdfSmartCopy was too liberal in comparing streams. Form XObjects (templates) are not candidates for comparison anymore.
    • FdfReader: extra check for the FDF key
    • PdfPageLabels: better page label options
    • Utilities: simplification in toURL()
    • RTF: bugfix for hanging indent (fixed by Tim Newsom)
    • RTF: added support for images in shapes of the picture frame type (contributed by Tim Newsom)
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Added support for custom names for document-level JavaScript actions in the Name Dictionary.
    • Fixed a series of indentation bugs.
    • Fixed a page size/page margins problem in PdfDocument
    • A Copy/Paste error made that DUPLEXFLIPLONGEDGE was not seen as a possible value for DUPLEX.
    • FontFactoryImp: parsing the size of a font was not done correctly.
    • Bugfix: font propagation affected Phrases/Paragraphs that were reused.
    • Bugfix: extra space after a Paragraph affected the indentation.
    • Bugfix: Paragraph.setKeepTogether(true) affected the indentation and doubled the spacing after a Paragraph.
    • Update of the toString() methods in PdfDictionary and PdfStream; for instance: it no longer says 'Dictionary of type: null' for Dictionaries without a /TYPE key.
    • XMP: the 'Subject' of PDF metadata is now also added as a Description in the XMP metadata (Suggested by Seung Hyun Park)
    • XMP: added support for adding XMP metadata to the page dictionary of each page
    • BaseField: if you are using a template as icon, the state of the content of the template can be affected by the background color of the button (probably also by other properties of the button appearance).
    • PdfPageLabels: minor memory improvement
    • Made iText more tolerant towards the type of PDF object that is accepted as value for the /TYPE key.
    • Bugfix: table threw an IndexOutOfBoundsException in two specific cases that almost never occur
    • Bugfix: List.add(Object o) didn't always return the expected value (suggested by Dhruba Bandopadhyay)
    • Bugfix: if an image is new and it's a WMF image, the template has to be read, even if it's not null.
    • BuildTutorial: made the switch from CVS to SVN (suggested by Thomas Tampe)
    • Updated license information in the iText.jar; extra info about the files in iTextAsian.jar
  • Changes made by Xavier
    • Removal of unused imports
    • Removal of useless redefinition of open() in PdfCopy and RtfWriter
    • Update from BouncyCastle 1.35 to BouncyCastle 1.37

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