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Release iText 2.0.7

iText 2.0.7 is a release for iText 2.

iText 2.0.7 is a release for iText 2.

iText 2.0.7

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • TiffImage: Deflate compression can also be identified by type 8.
    • TiffImage: Added support for fill order in tiff.
    • PdfDocument: Indentation right was missing the image offset.
    • Barcode128: The AIs from 7030 to 7039 couldn't be used.
    • Page number added to "Invalid page number" exception message
    • Supported button replacement when several buttons have the same name.
    • PdfGraphics2D: A null transform should draw at 0,0 (reported on the mailing list by Phil Cope Nov 6, 2007).
    • PdfGraphics2D: Keep the transform immutable in drawImage() (suggested on the mailing list by Mark Storer)
    • PdfReader: Some producers don't have a document id with encrypted documents.
    • Fix: Invalid images don't throw an exception in setField()
    • Fix: The non-breaking space was being incorrectly translated in pdfdocencoding.
    • Fix: PDF/A docs should have version 1.4
    • Fix: Documents with PDF/A conformance must have the CIDset key in the font descriptor for Unicode TrueType fonts.
    • Removed the duplicated bit reversal code for TIFF.
  • Changes made by Xavier
    • Javadoc updates
    • Toolbox error dialog now has version number in title. Side effect: "java -jar iText.jar" is enough to get the version number. If the toolbox jar is present, the GUI can display the versions numbers using "Help->Versions". If the toolbox is not there, the iText version is in the dialog title. This may help with customer support queries. Also make sure the iText version and toolbox error are also displayed for headless mode.
    • Code cleanup: e.g. serialVersionUID added to remove eclipse warning
    • Bouncy Castle update to v138
    • ExtendedColor is now an abstract class
    • Changed some names of constant to meet the Java naming conventions.
    • Added junit tests for iText (the iText examples)
    • Introduction of a jdiff task
    • Added extra info for deprecated methods
    • added @since tags to all new methods
    • Reorganization of the ANT scripts
    • Fully configurable signing
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • XmpWriter: Typo in Processing Instruction (reported on the mailing list). Removal of unnecessary space characters.
    • Renamed a class: the Greek 'numbering' isn't really a 'numbering'; in analogy with the RomanNumberingFactory vs the RomanAlphabetFactory, it's better to talk about GreekAlphabetFactory.
    • Added a number of convenience methods in PdfEncryptor as suggested by Bruno Waes
    • Reorganization of the ANT scripts
    • Added extra info for deprecated methods
    • The iText.jar is now signed with Bruno's personal CAcert certificate.
  • Changes made by Mark
    • Color fixes to the RtfParser by Howard Shank
    • Added extra info for deprecated methods

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