Release iText 5.0.0

iText 5.0.0 is a release for iText 5 Core.

1st November 2018

iText 5.0.0 is a release for iText 5 Core. 

iText 5.0.0 Core

  • Changes made by Paulo Soares
    • PdfName: some new constant names.
    • Bugfix: TSA attribute may exist but be empty.
    • Bugfix: SkipLastFooter = true gave a ArgumentOutOfRangeException
    • Encryption: Removed the CRLs that were being added in the wrong place.
    • JPG images: fix for invalid icc profile segments.
    • PNG images: removed the image size limit.
    • PdfStamper: remove previous EmbeddedFiles entry.
    • PdfFileSpecification: wrapper correction and params as direct object.
    • Tint removed from PdfSpotColor.
    • SimpleXMLParser: entities were being treated as whitespaces.
    • PdfDocument/PdfWriter: extra check if a page is empty.
    • Remove sigflags when flattening.
    • RandomFileAccessOrArray: support for WebSphere wsjar.
    • Error message localization.
    • PRTokeniser: typed exception for invalid PDF.
    • Added support for high level character spacing (contributed by Leonardo Padula).
    • Removed dependencies on java.awt.Color, java.awt.color.ICC_Profile, java.awt.Point and introduced the classes BaseColor, ICC_Profile, Point.
  • Changes made by Kevin Day
    • Text extraction: fix for 2817030 (y-axis not adjusted properly for leading by T* operator)
    • Fix for 2817927 (CMap not handling high order bits on addMapping). Also changed high order bit mask to use x & 0xff instead of (x+256)%256 (that shouldn't change anything functionally, but is easier to read)
    • PdfContentStreamProcessor: refactoring to allow different text extraction implementations.
    • Text extraction: added ability to get content byte from non-stream objects (thanks to Ken Dobson for ideas on how to do this from submitted unit test)
    • Text extraction: major overhaul to perform calculations in user space. This allows the parser to correctly determine line breaks, even if the text or page is rotated. Refactored callback so method signature won't need to change as render callback API evolves.
    • Fixed handling of TJ operator's text adjustment - this fixes issues with determining implied word space when TJ operator was being used.
    • Prevent double spaces when inserting spaces based on text placement.
    • Allow unterminated dictionaries to throw IOException (old behavior resulted in out of memory errors).
  • Changes made by Mark Storer
    • Generate appearances for multi-select lists, from TextField or AcroFields.setListSelection().
  • Changes made by Xavier Le Vourch
    • Code cleanup.
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Changed the license from MPL/LGPL to AGPL
    • Changed the package names from com.lowagie to com.itextpdf
    • Removed the toolbox and RTF
    • iText.jar is now compiled with Java 5
    • XfaForm: extra method that makes it easier to replace the data in an XFA form.
    • XfaForm: switching s.equals("") with "".equals(s) to avoid possible NullPointerExceptions.
    • AcroFields: extra method to remove the XFA stream.
    • Use TYPE_CHECK as default for the appearances of check boxes.
    • Corrected the annotation rectangle for rotated annotations
    • New constructor for PdfDestination
    • Fixed bug #2896563: The table does not display well when all the cells of a row have the same rowspan and the rowspan is greater than 2.
    • Fix for bug #2908175: avoiding a NullPointerException in PdfPTable (rowspan and colspan).
    • Extra methods that allow you to add named destinations.
    • Extra functionality to convert links to remote named destinations into links to local named destinations (if such a named destination exists).
    • Corrected typo in a web color.
    • Interface for the FontFactoryImp (in case you want to provide your own FontProvider).
    • Dutch version for the error messages.
    • Drawing a Rectangle: using saveState()/restoreState() is safer when changing colors.
    • ListItem: made symbol protected instead of private.
    • Rows in the header weren't treated the same way as other rows; this caused problems if rowspan was used.
    • Options in a Choice field: Apparently Adobe Reader throws the error RaiseError: Expected a name object. In other words: if you have Options [(A) (B)] Adobe Reader expects /V /0 instead of /V (A)
    • Removing PDF Renderer from Rups. I've been using RUPS for over a year now, and I never needed the rendered page. I always needed the object tree.
    • PdfStamper: Modifying the producer could cause problems with PDF/A in the XMP metadata
    • Bug 2845107: adapted a fix by Mathieu Fortin to avoid duplicate Producer entry in XMP metadata.
    • Added two extra methods to the Utilities class to read a file into a String
    • Support for RichMedia annotations
    • Bug 2908162: ICC-Profile-Streams were missing /Length on uncompressed docs (T. Jungblut)
    • Removal of
    • Removal of SimpleCell, SimpleTable.
    • Removal of Table, Cell, Row, PdfTable, PdfCell.
    • Removal of XmlParser.
    • Removal of HtmlParser.
    • Removal of HtmlWriter.
    • Removal of HeaderFooter.

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