Release iText 7.0.0

With the release of iText 7, redesigned from the ground up, even more features and functionalities are now at developers' fingertips. iText 7 Community comes with the AGPL license.

5th October 2018

We are proud to announce the release of  iText 7. Standards for administration, archiving, invoicing and compliance increasingly rely on PDF. iText is the right partner to help you automate your documentation processes. We offer powerful and flexible tools for PDF creation, editing and inspection, and have been doing so for over 15 years.

With the release of iText 7, redesigned from the ground up, even more features and functionalities are now at developers' fingertips. iText 7 Community comes with the AGPL license.

To enjoy the full scope of iText 7 support and its powerful add-ons, you need a commercial license.

    Release notes

    Release iText 7.0.0 Core/Community

    Leading PDF library company iText Software is proud to announce the official launch of its new flagship product. iText 7 is the successor to the company’s successful iText 5 offering and will come with several add-ons for PDF structure inspection, non-Latin script support and digital invoicing.

    iText is currently used by over 5.000 companies around the world to embed PDF functionalities into various parts of their workflow. As opposed to off-the-shelf, plug-and-play PDF converters, iText provides APIs for developers to fine-tune the way they want to create or edit PDFs according to different ISO standards or compliance regulations. It is also unique in that it lets developers use APIs both at a high level and at a detailed level.

    “iText 7 began as a fresh start for us,” explains iText founder Bruno Lowagie. “This gave us the chance to radically up its speed, improve document models and streamline its lay-out engine.” In addition, iText 7 will come with add-ons for specific new functionalities. These include PDF syntax inspection, debugging and editing, support for writing systems such as Arabic and Devanagari and support for the ZUGFeRD digital invoicing standard.

    “iText 7 has also been designed with PDF 2.0 in mind,” adds Mr. Lowagie. The major update in PDF standards is expected in the course of 2017. As iText is one of the companies that make up the PDF Association and the PDF ISO Committee along with file format originator Adobe, it has privileged insight into the features of the new PDF standard.

    The first versions of iText were created in 2000, but as a company, iText Software began in 2008. It has since grown to encompass offices in Europe, North America and Asia, with a revenue growth of 1,194% over the past five years alone. Mr Lowagie notes: “Our success is quite humbling in a way. On the other hand, I’d like to believe that it’s our commitment to designing products that developers like, backed-up by an extensive support system and a big community of developers, that has enabled us to be this successful. We conceived of iText 7 with precisely these things in mind.”

    iText 7 has already gone through beta testing and has impressed some of its early adopters. “I’m impressed by iText 7,” says Michael Klink, PDF expert from exceed Secure Solutions AG, “Its code is lean and clean, it works the way it’s supposed to and it looks like a great platform that is designed to connect its projected add-ons.”

    Like its predecessors, iText 7 will be available for free under the AGPL license (requiring developers to disclose any additional programming) as iText 7 Community, or under a commercial license as iText 7 Core, which will include professional support as well as the ability to add extra features.

    iText 7.0.0 Engine - release
    Figure 1: iText 7 Core with it's components: pdfSweep, pdfCalligraph, pdfInvoice and pdfDebug


    Compatibility Matrix

    Use our easy compatibility matrix tool to find more information about the compatibility between your current iText Core/Community version and our add-ons and 3rd-party standalone applications

    Add-ons 7.1.7

    iText 7 Core


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