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Release iText 7.1.10 🎂

iText 7.1.10 brings the first quarterly release of 2020 for the iText 7 family, and coincidentally it's on the day that iText, as a project, turns 20! 🎂🥳

Release iText 7.1.6

iText 7.1.6 is the sixth maintenance release for iText 7 Core/Community. We're also updating pdfHTML, pdfCalligraph and pdfSweep.

Release iText 7.1.5

iText 7.1.5 is the fifth maintenance release for iText 7 Core/Community. We're also updating pdfHTML, pdfCalligraph, pdfSweep and pdfXfa.

Release iText 7.1.4

iText 7.1.4 is the fourth maintenance release for iText 7 Core/Community. We're also updating pdfHTML, pdfCalligraph, RUPS and our License Key and Volume License Key Library.

Release iText 7.1.3

iText 7.1.3 is the third maintenance release for iText 7.1 Core/Community. We're also updating pdfHTML to 2.1.0, pdfSweep to 2.0.2, pdfCalligraph and pdfInvoice to 2.0.1, and our License Key Library and Volume License Key Library to 3.0.3.

Release iText 7.1.0

We are pleased to announce that iText 7.1.0 is a new release for iText 7 Core and Community, focusing on PDF 2.0 support.

Release iText 7.0.4

With 7.0.4 we're bringing you another maintenance release for iText 7 Community. We've also updated pdfCalligraph to 1.0.3 and pdfHTML to 1.0.1.

Release iText 7.0.2

For this release, we have added some a minor updates to our iText 7 platform, version 7.0.2. As well as some updates for the License Key Library, pdfHTML and pdfCalligraph.

Release iText 7.0.0

With the release of iText 7, redesigned from the ground up, even more features and functionalities are now at developers' fingertips. iText 7 Community comes with the AGPL license.

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