How to calculate/set font line distance?

When each line has different font size what should I use as XXX value in document.bottom() - XXX?

How to solve an UnsupportedCharsetException when using itext-asian.jar?

Why doesn't FontFactory.GetFont() work for all fonts?

Why does it only work if I load and register the font file?

How to calculate the height of an element?

How can I calculate the height of an element when generating PDF files from XML data?

How to write a Zapfdingbats character at a specific location on a page?

Why can I show the character on the side of the document and not on the specific X, Y coordinate that I want it to be?

How to use multiple fonts in a single cell?

I'm making a windows form for a friend who delivers packages. I want to transfer his current paper form, into a PDF with the iTextSharp library.

How to check if a font is bold?

Are there any other ways of making text appear bold, and is it possible to detect it using iText?

Why is the text I extract from an English PDF page garbled?

Why is the text in English not like it is like in the source PDF?

How to change the text color of an AcroForm field?

When I change the text color for a field it does not change. Why is that?

How to allow a Unicode subscript symbol in a PDF without using setTextRise()?

Is there a setting to change the encoding/font of the text to UTF-8, so that it allows all the Unicode symbols?

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