How to draw lines on an image?

I am trying to draw lines on image that needs to be added to a document,
just like we draw graphics on paint event of any control. How is this done?

How to add text to an image?

Why does the pdf vertical postion method give the next page position instead of the current page?

How to avoid an exception when importing a TIFF file?

I can open the tiff file in any image viewer, so it's valid. Why doesn't it work in PDF?

How to add JPEG images that are multi-stage filtered (DCTDecode and FlateDecode)?

Would it be possible to insert an image if I handle the two-stage compression and use something like PdfImageObject?

How to precisely position an image on top of a Table?

I need to precisely position an image over a table.

How to set background image in PdfPCell in iText?

I am currently using iText to generate PDF reports.
I want to set a medium size image as a background in PdfPCell instead of using background color.
Is this possible?

How to add a printable or non-printable bitmap stamp to a PDF?

I would like to add a bitmap stamp to a PDF file, that would be either printable or non-printable
depending on the actual Acrobat Reader print settings.

How to stamp image on existing PDF and create an anchor?

I have an existing document, onto which I would like to stamp an image at an absolute position.

How to add an image to an AcroForm field?

I'm trying to fill out a PDF form using the AcroFields class.
I'm able to add text data perfectly, but I'm having issues adding images.
How is this done?

How can I add an image to all pages of my PDF?

I have been trying to add an image to all pages using iTextSharp.
The image needs to be OVER all content of every page.

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