page size

How to set the page size to Envelope size with Landscape orientation?

I couldn't find the Envelope size, so how to I know the page size?

How should I interpret the coordinates of a rectangle in PDF?

Is it possible to get a graphical representation of coordinates positions?

How to define the page size based on the content?

I'm generating a PDF document with iTextSharp. This document must have only one page. In other words the content must fit the page size.
Is it possible to achieve this with iTextSharp?

How to rotate a page while creating a PDF document?

I can set the size of the page to landscape but the content is still oriented left->right while I would like it to be bottom->top.

How can I crop the pages of an existing PDF document?

I have an existing document of which the pages are too big. How can I crop the pages?

How to use the full size of a page?

I managed to set the size of the PDF document I'm creating to the size I need (~3cm x ~7cm), but the content inside the page is only using a third of the space. I need to use the whole available space.

How to create a document with unequal page sizes?

I have the option to specify the page size, but I want different page sizes for different pages in my PDF. Is that possible?

How to add multiple images into a single PDF?

How do I update my code in order to add all the images into the exported PDF instead of only the last one?

How to resize a PdfPTable to fit the page?

I am generating a document that contains a table.
I need to make sure that this table never exceeds one page in size, regardless of the amount of content in the cells.
Is there a way to do this?

Why is the page size of a PDF always the same, no matter if it's landscape or portrait?

If I call the getPageSize(), the value is always the same. Why isn't the value different for a page in landscape ?

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