Why does the cell background color affect the color of other lines?

Why does the background color I specified change the lines change from black to grey?

How to right-align text in a PdfPCell?

Why does the text always comes out left-aligned in the cell?

How to use multiple fonts in a single cell?

I'm making a windows form for a friend who delivers packages. I want to transfer his current paper form, into a PDF with the iTextSharp library.

How to introduce a rowspan?

I am adding a table to a PDF file. I have 3 rows and 3 columns.
I want the first column to appear only once as a single cell for all the rows.

How to create a table based on a two-dimensional array?

This object contains 8 values in each list. I need to place it in the table created. I would like to have 2 Rows with 8 columns.

How can I convert a CSV file to a table with a repeating header row?

I am generating a PDF file from CSV using iText. I need to format the file such that the header row (which occurs in the beginning of every page) should be in a different font and color.

How to add a table to the bottom of the last page?

I have created table in a PDF document using iText.
This works fine, but I don't want to add the table at the current pointer in the page, I want to add the table at the bottom.

How to precisely position an image on top of a Table?

I need to precisely position an image over a table.

How to set background image in PdfPCell in iText?

I am currently using iText to generate PDF reports.
I want to set a medium size image as a background in PdfPCell instead of using background color.
Is this possible?

Why is my cell event not triggered?

I am expecting the cell event to be triggered for two cells, but it only triggers on the first cell. The difference appears to be that the cell event of the first cell is added to the cell before adding the cell to the table.

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