iText Summit '14: the agenda

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  • 9:45 iText Keynote
              Bruno Lowagie, iText
             iText's technical roadmap and the future of iText

  • 10:30 Break

  • 11:00 iText for Archiving and Accessibility
              Raf Hens/Alexander Chingarev, iText
             How to create PDF/A and PDF/UA documents using iText.
             How to fill out forms and merge documents, preserving their accessibility.

  • 11:45 PDF and Testing
              Michaë‘l Demey and Amedee Van Gasse, iText
             Peek into the internal kitchen of iText Quallity Assurance: how we test PDFs at iText.

  • 12:30 Lunch

  • 13:30 Templates for PDF
              Koen Dehaen (Carpass/Roots Software), Pieter Robberechts (FOD Justitie)
             iText strategies for the mass production of documents based on templates: two user stories presented by iText customers

  • 14:15 PDF and Workflow
             Klaas Bals (Inventive Group), Michallis Pashidis (Trust1Team)
             The position of PDF in the BPM eco-system: use cases presented by iText customers

  • 15:00 Break

  • 15:30 Text and structure recognition in PDF
             Raf Hens/Alexander Chingarev, iText
             Examining the content of PDF documents with the goal to add interactive features such as links, bookmarks and annotations: an iText project for a health care service provider.

  • 15:55 Wrap up
             All speakers
             Panel session with questions and answers.
             In the wrap-up of the iText track, we will also present the new publications (books, tutorials, sample code,...) that are currently under development.

  • 16:15 End of the iText Summit