Resource optimization with digital forms

Annually, your company wastes fortunes on sending out and processing paper forms and invoices, many of which get lost, take significant time for customers to fill in, or simply don’t get mailed back or get lost. Digital forms and invoices seem like an attractive alternative. But will customers use them?

Forms and signatures

Ready for the future of invoicing

International banking and accounting standards are slowly converging on the best ways to handle invoices digitally, as exemplified by the German ZUGFeRD (“Cart Horse”) standard, which relies on PDF with integrated XML. The idea behind this is that both human users and machines can read and use this format, fill out forms and process the results in an intuitive way. In the end, everything becomes neatly packaged in PDF files for easy accessibility and archiving.

Shortening the form cycle

iText can help you set this up. We are one of the only companies that reliably offers form integration technology for PDF – through XFA or other means – that you can embed in your own applications and business processes. Apart from the obvious reduction of paper stacks and shortening the form cycle by no longer having to rely on physical mail, faxes or scans, it can also help you automate your form or invoice processes to a large degree, making your work more efficient and spent more on doing the things where you can create value.

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