System Integrator Series reason 5/5: Digital signing features in national digital identity programs affect document workflows

National Digital Identity Programs are an eco-system where digital signing and security of PDFs will be extremely important.


Reason 5This article is an integral part of a larger blog post series across several weeks on System Integrators and National Digital Identity Programs. This series discusses the opportunities for System Integrators to create new business and integrate the digital document workflows of their customers, in the private and public sectors, with these national programs.

The most well-known facts on most national digital identity programs are features where the digitally signing of official documents for businesses and public institutions become possible to citizens. But did you ever consider the document format in which those documents are being delivered globally?

Take a look at PDF’s capabilities. It doesn’t just enable the sharing and access of information across multiple applications, hardware, and operating systems; it allows businesses to guarantee the authenticity, security and traceability of their documents. It’s used to produce invoices, certificates, boarding passes, application forms and more allowing digital signatures to secure contract commitments. It goes far beyond simply being perceived as a digital visualization of a piece of paper. It’s a digital container which can contain many types of data, bundled with a wide array of interactive functionalities. Be sure to read our blog on how to use PDF portfolios for more details. Needless to say, PDF will be an integral part of data exchange between any national digital identity programs and the software implemented by System Integrators.

National digital identity programs are an eco-system where digital signing and security of PDFs will be extremely important and form a crucial cornerstone when exchanging data with those programs.

Stay tuned for our conclusion next week, where we will summarize and conclude how national digital identity programs are an opportunity for new SI business. Or read the interview with DXC, a renowned global System Integrator, about the cooperation with iText on Automating Document Workflows.

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