iText 7: Building Blocks

In this iText 7 tutorial, you'll be introduced to all the building blocks that allow you to create a PDF document from scratch.

NOTE: We are continually updating our features- and have some new features that are not included in this eBook yet.  You can find a full list of features here.

This is the second tutorial in the iText 7 series. In the first tutorial, iText 7: Jump-Start Tutorial (Java/.NET), we discussed a series of examples that explained the core functionality of iText 7. In this book, we'll focus on the high-level building blocks that were introduced in the first chapter of that tutorial: Introducing basic building blocks (Java/.NET). In that chapter, we created PDFs using objects such as Paragraph (Java/.NET), List (Java/.NET), Image (Java/.NET) and Table (Java/.NET), but we didn't go into detail. This tutorial is the extended version of that chapter. In this tutorial, you'll discover which building blocks are available and how they all relate to each other.

Throughout the book, we'll use the following symbols:

  • The information sign indicates interesting extra information, for instance about different options for a parameter, different flavors of a method, and so on.
  • The question mark will be used when this information is presented in the form of a question and an answer.
  • The bug highlights an Exception that gets thrown if you make a common mistake.
  • The text balloons are used for a chatty remark or a clarification.
  • The triangle with the exclamation point warns for a common pitfall.
  • The key indicates functionality that is new in iText 7, or at least very different from what developers were used to in iText 5 or earlier versions.

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