Welcome to our demo lab

On this page, you will find a few quick demos of what is possible with iText's libraries. We have included a couple of demos for the Android version, PDF splitting and merging as well as XFA and XML Worker. If you'd like more theoretical background, feel free to browse around some more on the developers' domain of this website.

Available demos

Unlock data in your PDF forms

See how pdf2Data works with our online demo.

Easily convert HTML to PDF

Learn how iText 7 can help you increase productivity and save time.

Flatten PDF XFA forms

Understand how pdfXFA flattens your dynamic PDFs to allow for the addition of watermarks, digital signatures or other iText Core functionalities.

Merging PDFs

See how iText helps you merge PDF documents.

Splitting PDFs

Find out here how iText can help you cleanly split your PDF files.

Free Trial

Test out iText 7 and our add-ons for 30 days. *excludes pdf2Data, use above demo for pdf2Data.

Server-side iText

Here are some servlets taken from the second edition of the 'iText in Action' book:

The examples marked with (*) require a full-blown PDF viewer as browser plug-in. They will work when using Adobe Reader, but not necessarily with other applications such as PDF.js or Chrome PDF viewer.