The heart of the iText DITO framework


The real heart of the iText DITO framework is the SDK/API. It is the worker engine that marries JSON data with iText DITO templates to generate PDF documents, processes conditional logic, calculations and formatting and drops the generated files into their final location.

Integrated PDF Design and Production

iText DITO is a fully integrated component framework for low-code PDF generation. The iText DITO Editor, Manager and SDK/API work together seamlessly.


PDF Design
scalable and robust



Scalable and Robust

iText DITO is built to generate PDF documents in high volumes. Benchmarks show that a representative two-page transactional document with autogenerated tables, data bindings, calculations and business-style formatting is generated within 300 ms. iText DITO SDK/API instances can be deployed easily and scaled up to meet to your volume expectations.



Low Code

Requests to the worker engine are low-code and straightforward. Simply specify a template within an iText DITO template archive (.dta or .dito), a JSON file, and the PDF generation request response can be either a PDF byte stream or a JSON response containing the path to the generated file. That’s it really, although you can also choose if you want to encrypt PDFs with a password, and set properties like the PDF version you want to produce.

In addition, a pdf-producer request not only generates a PDF, it also creates a report that will show any issues with the template used, or with the specific run.


low code


Platform independent



Platform Independent

The iText DITO SDK/API is available in two different flavors: a native Java application and a Docker container with a programming language agnostic REST SDK/API.




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