iText 7 pdfDebug

pdfDebug is an iText 7 add-on that integrates into your IDE to assist you in finding and correcting bugs in your iText code.

Features & Benefits

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Core capabilities

Integrate into your development environment

Allows you to work within the trusted environment of your IDE.

Show the internal structure of PDF documents

You can easily browse the PDF object structure and inspect the different objects and streams. Highlights show your progress or unintentional changes.

Leverage your IDE's debug framework

Use breakpoints and step-by-step execution to pinpoint where your PDF processing goes wrong.

Integrate seamlessly with iText 7 Core/Community

Simply enable debug mode of iText 7.


An example of pdfDebug

How does it work?

After installing pdfDebug from the Eclipse Marketplace, you need to active debug mode in iText 7:

PdfWriter writer = new PdfWriter("output.pdf", new WriterProperties().useDebugMode());

When debugging, a PdfDocument instance will be displayed with the pdfDebug view:

pdfDebug in Eclipse

Highlighting changes

When stepping through the code, pdfDebug will highlight which parts of the PDF structure have changed. In the example below, a page (object 6) has been added, resulting in changes in the /Count and /Kids entries.

pdfDebug with highlights in Eclipse

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