iText All Hands Meeting 2018
Earlier this month, we gathered iText employees from all over the world in Ghent for our annual All Hands Meeting. Our week was a mix of teambuilding, business and fun where we focused on: internal communication, our vision and our companies' future.
Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2018
The Hong Kong Open Source Conference ( HKOSCon ) is an annual open source conference that is one of the major developer events in Hong Kong. They aim to promote, support and develop open source projects and communities. The iText community track This year HKOSCon will take place on June 1-3, and will include a community track program, that gives open source communities the opportunity to participate, promote their open source projects and host their own sessions (two 30-min sessions or more) and activities. Together with other Open...
Oracle Code LA Speaker
Join us Tuesday 27th February at 4:05 PM, at Oracle Code LA to hear Joris Schellekens' talk "Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology for Documents". What can you expect? In this talk, Joris will explain Blockchain, which is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology, where records are organized in blocks and appended to a single chain using cryptography and distributed consensus. Each block contains a time stamp and a link to the previous block, ensuring that data in a block can't be altered retroactively. This makes blockchain a good choice for the recording of events,...
XFA Worker
January 31, 2018 maintenance release iText 5.5.13, XFA Worker 5.5.13
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January, 2018
iText 7 Suite
January 31, 2018, release of iText 7.0.6, pdfHTML 1.0.3, pdfXFA 1.0.3.
Tags: ChangelogiText 7.1
January, 2018
iText 7 Suite
January 31, 2018, release of iText 7.1.1, pdfHTML 2.0.1, pdfXFA 2.0.0.
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January, 2018
Michaël Demey at JJUG CCC 2017
On November 18, our own Dev- Michael, gave a talk at JJUG CCC in Tokyo (Japan). The event was hosted by JJUG - the Japanese Java User Group. This one day event is one of Japan’s largest Java community events, and is held twice a year in the spring and fall. We found high-quality sessions on Java related technologies, examples, and lot's of interesting Java engineers working in various fields. It was Michael's second time presenting to the JJUG CCC and he was very happy to reconnect with the people there. The topic of his talk was "The effect of SHAttered", discussing the research done by a...