iText Contributor License Agreement

Free / Open Source Software (F/OSS) is usually a joint effort by contributors from across many countries, collaborating via the Internet.

Contribution Policy and Contributors License Agreement

Code Contribution

Free / Open Source Software (F/OSS) is usually a joint effort by contributors from across many countries, collaborating via the Internet. The F/OSS software iText was originally written by Bruno Lowagie (in 1999, Belgium). Over the years many other developers have contributed code in many different forms.

Ownership of the code

The Intellectual Property of contributions that only take 20 lines of code or less, is implicitly transferred to iText Group NV (formerly known as 1T3XT BVBA). You agree with this rule by pushing your code to github, by sending the code to one of iText's core developers, or by distributing your code in any other way. Note that it is not advised to contact developers directly unless you're explicitly invited to do so.

Contribution Policy

For all code contributions that take more than 20 lines, you are invited to download the iCLA. Please Print and sign the iCLA (or sign it digitally).

  • You can send a manually signed iCLA by postal mail to:
    iText Group NV, 
    AA Tower 
    Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 122, 
    9052 Zwijnaarde, 

  • Or you can scan the signed document and mail it to

It is not required that you sign the iCLA for every contribution. Once you execute an iCLA, it is valid for all iText related code and projects (iText, iTextSharp, RUPS,...).

Important notice: if you are contributing on behalf of your company, an officer of your company (usually a VP or higher title) must sign the iCLA on behalf of the company, indicating his or her title. The company can choose to list the specific individuals authorized to make contributions on the "Full Name" line, or may cover all employees with a blanket iCLA by not limiting contributors to an authorized list. If necessary, the company may provide a list of authorized contributors in an attachment. The executive signing the iCLA must be the first name on such an attached list, and this executive must sign the attachment as well. It may well be the case that your company already has signed a company-wide iCLA with iText Group NV. Please check this first.

You can stop your participation in a project at any time, but you cannot rescind your assignments or grants with respect to prior contributions. This protects the whole community, allowing iText Group and downstream users of the code base to rely on it. iText Group cannot terminate its responsibilities under the iCLA either.


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