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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has been an integral part of iText from the very beginning. Today, serving society continues to be core to our purpose.


Giving back as part of our DNA

Open source is part of our DNA. That's actually how everything started for us: iText was born from the community. As we have evolved over the years into a commercial company, we’ve always felt strongly that it’s important to give back to the open source community.  We acknowledge this and are delighted that open source still helps us today to grow our technology and boost our innovation to our customers. We truly cherish our open source roots and we remain loyal to our heritage. That's why we invest time and resources into connecting with our developer community. 

Open Source Initiative

Our people are change agents

At iText, we strive to build sustainability into everything we do - and in the way we interact with the environment. That's why our colleagues do whatever they can to help to minimise waste, reduce their carbon footprint, or are careful when it comes to use of water. Or, they volunteer at a local beach clean up to help save our oceans! Because small changes can make a big impact on the planet.

iText US Boston Beach Clean Up 2019

Building the best place to work

At iText we believe in hard work and accomplishments, but a healthy work-life balance is also highly valued and encouraged at iText. In fact, it’s vital. Building peer relationships is essential both for our individual fulfillment as well as for the success of our business.
Our employees enjoy the freedom to organise their own working times and place of work, and get the opportunity to constantly improve their knowledge and skills. Regular "fun activities" such as monthly Happy Hours, football tournaments and more, improve our well-being and stimulates the team spirit.

iText's football team
Diversity and Inclusion

We have an open culture

As a global company, we at iText value the diversity of our people and promote inclusion for all in the workplace. We view diversity as essential in creating an innovative and inspiring work environment and we actively promote equal rights and opportunities in the workplace regardless of gender, ethnic origin, nationality, religious belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.


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