Welcome to the iText 7 Demo Lab!

Here you can discover what is possible with iText's libraries and add-ons by using our free online apps and embedded sandboxes.

iText 7 Demo Lab

Free online apps

Below you can find our collection of demos showcasing various functionality provided by iText 7 Core and its add-ons. In this demo lab, you can use iText to perform a whole range of common PDF tasks completely online, such as splitting, merging and rotating PDFs, deleting pages, protecting and unlocking PDFs, and converting an image to a PDF. You can also convert HTML to PDF and flatten XFA files with demos of the pdfHTML and pdfXFA add-ons.

Embedded iText 7 Sandbox for developers

Each demo also includes an iText 7 sandbox with embedded Java and C# compilers showing you example code for each function. Feel free to play around with the code to see how iText works!


As this functionality is embedded within your browser, it can work on Windows, Mac and Unix-like environments, including Android and iOS, with no need to download and install anything.

In addition to the above demos, you can also try out the online demo for pdf2Data, an add-on for iText 7 Core which allows you to recognize data inside PDF documents in an intuitive and predictable manner, by providing a mechanism to extract predefined data fields from PDF documents based on the same template. You can use the online editor to define a data field template which can be used in an automated environment for extracting data from a series of PDF files.

You can also try out the full iText 7 Suite. This includes iText 7 Core and all the available add-ons, free for 30 days while keeping your IP safe under a commercial license. If you prefer to just use our open source products, see our downloads page where you can download and use iText 7 Core and its open source add-ons under an AGPL license.

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pdf2Data - Unlock data in your PDF forms

See how pdf2Data works with our online demo.

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iText 7 Suite - Free trial

Learn how the iText 7 PDF platform can help you increase productivity and save time.


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