American Business Awards

Bronze Stevie for Most Innovative Tech Company of 2020

iText is proud to be honored with our Bronze Stevie in the American Business Awards. This year we were recognized for the "Most Innovative Company of the Year- under 100 employees".

iText takes a Bronze Stevie in the American Business Awards! 

We're pleased to announce another win in in the American Business Awards! We won a Bronze Stevie for "Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year" in the small business (under 100 employees) category.

In the past we have been recognized with three Bronze Stevie awards in the American Business Awards between 2015-2018 and a Silver Stevie award in 2019.

This is an exciting win for us, since we have focused on innovation in multiple areas of our business, including:

  • Our dual licensing structure, which makes iText available as both open source under AGPL, and also with commercial licensing options

  • Expanding our offerings with add-ons to provide functionality that customers need.

  • Offering outstanding documentation, and continuing to bring more content to our users

  • Continually working on new products and technologies to expand PDF capabilities - including the iText Developers Platform, where you can create iText 7 add-ons for commercial release 

  • Being an active member of the ISO committees that create new PDF standards

  • And much more...

In addition, 2019 was a particularly exciting year for iText. For one thing, we launched iText DITO which focused on a new target audience such as Solution Architects, IT Managers and other less technical users, iText DITO combines a “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) visual designer with the power of iText to create standards-compliant, beautiful documents, while saving you tons of development time. One of our customers, New Ocean Health Solutions found that “with iText DITO, I can now do in just 45 minutes what would have taken over two weeks to do in code using other PDF libraries!”.

As for iText 7, we ended the year with the release of iText 7.1.9 Suite, which brought updated versions of the pdfHTML, pdfXFA and pdf2Data add-ons. We also developed a new and improved layout for our API pages, which included the addition of some highly-anticipated .NET API documentation.

In April 2019, we reached the milestone of support ticket #4096 on our commercial support Jira board. We also launched a Chatbot on our website, offering dedicated sales support for our visitors.

And in one of our 2019 case studies; CommonApp reported that iText helped “speed up our processes up to 500%”.

Roll on the 2021 awards...




American Business Awards


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