Meet the new iText Knowledge Base

We’re super excited to launch the brand new iText Knowledge Base!


As a developer-focused company, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for our users to access our libraries, plus our installation guides, examples and any other technical documentation they might need when working with our technology. 

Always on the lookout for improvements, we fairly quickly decided that our very own Confluence-based wiki ticked all the boxes as the new, ideal platform for this. Today, after several months of preparations, we can now finally show you the results! 

iText Knowledge Base

Going forward, the new iText Knowledge Base is our user resource center for all our technical information and documentation. The majority of technical content resided previously on our corporate website, but has now been migrated to Confluence; this will from now on serve as our dedicated developer portal.

Apart from the tutorials and installation guides, you will find tons of examples and FAQs for the iText Core PDF library and its add-ons, with which you can not just generate PDF documents, but programmatically fill out PDFs (AcroForms and XFA), securely redact PDFs, add digital signatures, create PDFs with text using different language scripts, convert HTML into PDF, extract data from your PDF documents, flatten XFA forms, render PDFs as images…and more!

All the technical content and documentation for our low-code PDF template generator, iText DITO, is also stored in the iText Knowledge Base. We’ll also continually be adding many more articles and tutorials.

iText Knowledge Base - Watermark PDF

You will likely want to search with keywords more specific to your question. The search bar is prominently placed on the homepage of the Knowledge Base and is always accessible throughout the rest of the site. You can also filter the content via the technology you are searching for information on: iText 7, iText DITO and iText 5 (legacy)

Head over to the Knowledge Base now:

Browse around, test it, and use it. If you have any suggestions for improvements, articles… let us know! Send us an email to 

We are also always looking for developers to share their experiences with iText. Feel free to drop us an email. Pull requests are also always welcome!



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