Case Study

Automated mobile forms and signatures for courier services

LEAPP Pte Ltd, Singapore specializes in enterprise mobile apps development, mobile apps consultancy, mobile apps marketing.

OneHour Courier Services offers on-demand, scheduled and dedicated courier services.


LEAPP was asked to modernize the paper-based processes of 'OneHour Courier Services'. Main goals were to eliminate lost forms and better track parcel pickups and delivery times. LEAPP embedded the iText PDF Library to build business critical digital signing and form workflows


Modernize "OneHour Courier Services" current paper-based processes in order to eliminate lost forms, as well as better track parcel pickup and delivery times.


The LEAPP development team tried to develop the PDF workflows in-house but soon realized this may take a long time. They needed a proven technology that already specializes in specific aspects of PDF generation, with fast and efficient code. Main selection criteria for the PDF library included:

  • easy to understand software development kit (SDK).

  • ability to implement as per use flow.

  • allows digital signing.

  • allows formatting forms.

  • ease of licensing.

Offered solution

After evaluating a few different products, the team quickly decided on iText on all five criteria. The 'OneHour Courier Services' app featured:

PDF signing workflows: PDF allows setting permissions, signature sequence and co-signing around the order and delivery processes.

Signature capturing and storing it on the server: Allows for mobile access online and offline.

PDF forms: Mobile forms look like the manual forms, allowing easy learning for staff and drivers.



 iText is a breeze! Using a proven and tested PDF technology helped us to focus on what we do best — building a high quality mobile app.

Hua Koon Tan, 
CEO, LEAPP Mobile Software


By embedding the reliable and high-performance iText PDF library to build the business-critical digital signing and form workflows, OneHour Courier Services is able to:

  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

  • Maintain its competitive advantage in the market.

Forerunners in mobile adoption

"OneHour Courier Services" investment in mobile and document management technologies from LEAPP and iText enabled them to raise field service employees to new heights of connectivity and productivity. Cost per courier decreased 20 percent. From digital signature capture to automatic archiving, OneHour Courier Services is now able to respond more quickly to its customers’ requests and make more on-time deliveries with fewer resources.

2 x
less costs
2 x
more operational efficiency
1 week
to get up and running with iText PDF
2 x
more satisfied customers

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