Archiving and universal accessibility: PDF/A and PDF/UA

Your organization has a neat documentation process, but it’s hard to find certain pieces of content or a certain type of files because your PDFs are “flat” and just seem like piles of data. In addition, you’ve received complaints that important documents, such as contracts or information folders, can’t be accessed by people with a visual handicap.

Not "just a printout"

To most people, PDF is just a “digital printout”. However, PDF comes in a variety of subtypes and standards that may be arcane to the everyday user, but could be crucial to a professional. For instance, the PDF/A format is specifically optimized to serve an archiving and documentation platform, by allowing users to embed various types of data and rich content that may be necessary for a company to have. iText libraries can handle this with ease where most common PDF programmers have no real way of dealing with this.

Reaching out to the visually impaired

Alternatively, many governmental organizations are required by law (e.g. Section 508 in the United States) to make their documents accessible to people with visual impairments. PDF/UA (“Universal Accessibility”) was set up as a PDF standard that can help people convert PDF text data to braille writing or to explain to them what a certain image depicts if they can’t actually see the image. iText can let you add the right structural elements to your PDFs to achieve this type of compliance and expand the reach of your organization to people who are regularly underserved in this type of documentation.


Easily convert HTML and CSS into standards compliant PDFs that are accessible, searchable and usable for indexing.


Securely remove content from your PDF files quickly and efficiently.


Ensure compatibility with archival and legacy workflow requirements by generating images from PDFs.


Achieve the right ligatures, calligraphy and type-setting for special and non-Latin script types (e.g. Arabic and Devanagari).

iText 7 Core

Learn more about the backbone of embeddable PDF functionalities.

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