Two iText books in top 5 on Leanpub

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The day before Christmas, iText Software published a new book The Best iText Questions on Stack Overflow. The book consists of more than three hundred pages containing more than two hundred questions and answers. It is ranked #4 in the top 5 of the "Number of copies sold in the last 7 days":

There is still plenty of editing work to do, but the book is already useful for people struggling with some very specific iText problems.

I am now going to continue writing that other book: The ABC of PDF with iText. That book isn't as much about iText as it is about PDF in general. I haven't decided yet, whether I'll finish it before I start writing another iText-specific book first. That decision may depend on the feedback of readers.

In any case: The ABC of PDF with iText is in Leanpub's ranked #5 in the "Lifetime Number of Copies sold" Bestseller list:

That's pretty good for a book that is still missing 3 chapters, isn't it?