5 reasons to attend PDF Days in your City

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U.S. PDF Days this year are held in Washington, DC and New York City, organized by the PDF Association.

These are once a year, full-day educational events targeted at IT professionals, featuring presentations by the most authoritative experts in the document management industry and PDF in particular. This year they will focus on the specific topics relevant to the government and financial sectors.

Reason # 1: Identify the challenges

Common challenges that arise around document management oftentimes concern archiving, accessibility, digital signatures, collaboration and document security.

In government and business especially, a record of laws, regulations, court decisions, appointments, statements and the many other types of official documents require a fixed representation. Formal documents must have a predictable and authoritative look and feel, and provide consistent performance in all viewing and printing situations.

Discounting raster images is insufficient, the only way to responsibly share fixed, formal documents is PDF.

Reason # 2: Understand PDF and standards

Discover the core features of PDF you knew little about, that help with establishing data structure, security, digital signatures and linking within workflows as part of your EDM process.

Learn about the different flavors of PDF, such as PDF/A and PDF/UA, as described in ISO standards for future-proof archiving and universal accessibility.

Reason # 3: Understand tools

Get familiar with tools that can transform a flat “image-like” document into a structured entity readable by your ECM/EDM systems for proper searchability, archiving and accessibility.

Reason # 4: See examples

See real-life examples from the highly-regulated government and financial industries where PDF and associated tools helped accelerate processes by automated form-filling, extracting text, and establishing legally-binding digital signature workflows.

Reason # 5: Shape your decisions

Leave with substantial and clear knowledge on how to address your future document technology projects and what role PDF will play in them.


Government and business organizations have a lot to gain by understanding the ins- and outs of PDF for transforming business processes and compliance.

The popular advantages of PDF among consumers are known to be in its platform independence, interactivity, and high fidelity with text presentation. But as a document format for business and government, PDF can be an invaluable means to long-term document archiving, security, accessibility, searchability and workflows as required by business needs and legal requirements.