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Java DZone Guide 2018
The new DZone 2018 Guide to Java will also take you through some of the main talking points of modern Java
iText European Business Awards - Warsaw
Honored to be awarded our third consecutive European Business Award. This year, iText is National Winner for Belgium in The ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year category.
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Babson College, Olin Graduate School of Business
What is better than learning? Hands on learning. At iText we value continuing education and improvement. This year, for the second time, we were offered a spot to team up with Babson College MBA students to act as a consulting client. As part of their studies they complete a hands on learning segment where they offer a real life consulting experience to understand what businesses contend with, and use the students new skills to offer solutions. The hands on course professor, Sal Parise of Babson College commented: “We highly value experiential learning at Babson. It was a pleasure working...
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PDF Days Europe 2018
We’re back from another great PDF Days Europe event. We spent a few days in Berlin with the PDF community sharing best practices, new standards and discussing the future of PDF. The theme of this year was 25 and 10. 25 years of the PDF format and 10 years as an ISO standard. We have been a member for many years, but our Sr. Global Marketing Manager, Alaine Behler, joined the PDF Association board of directors to help provide more support to the community. There were many great talks this year in three tracks; users, developers and marketers. Including a few of our own! We gave three technical...
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GIDS 2018
For the third year in a row, iText was a sponsor at the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) in Bangalore, India. It's an amazing event, that attracts thousands of developers. Our iText team at GID 2018 included Tony, Chanpreet, Bruno, and Aykut. Also for the third year in a row, Bruno Lowagie was selected as a keynote speaker. He talked about blockchain and how you can store your records in reliable, immutable ways. The audience was amazing! Next to this talk, Aykut gave a live demo of our newest product iText DITO. Just like in previous years, we had some fun goodies at our booth: T-shirts...
Release iText 7.0.7
April 25, 2018, release of iText 7.0.7
Release iText 7.1.2
iText 7.1.2 is the second maintenance release for iText 7 Core / Community . We're also updating pdfHTML to 2.0.2 , pdfSweep to 2.0.1 , our License Key Library and ...
27 April 2018, new release pdf2Data 2.0.2. for Java and .NET. Based on iText 7.1.2 to bring the latest improvements, including bug fixes for image extraction, table extraction from document structure, and fixes for text extraction from rotated pages.
iText Core 7.0.7 Bug [ DEVSIX-1677 ] - font autosize property is not respected when flattening forms [ DEVSIX-1756 ] - Fix CrlClientOnline not checking for null when adding certificates [ DEVSIX-1781 ] - ttc font creation logic splits filename incorrectly [ DEVSIX-1807 ] - Producer line not set correctly [...
iText Core 7.1.2 Bug [ DEVSIX-1437 ] - Fix edge cases for floats splitting [ DEVSIX-1594 ] - Diacritics misplaced after calling setHorizontalScaling() [ DEVSIX-1677 ] - font autosize property is not respected when flattening forms [ DEVSIX-1732 ] - Float property: Fix text alignment along floating elements [...