ETDA Conference Bangkok 2017
Last week, iText Software and Inbatek were invited by the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) in Bangkok (Thailand) for a full day of talks and sessions about PDF and e-invoicing. ETDA is a Public Organization in Thailand that functions as the main agency responsible for developing, promoting and supporting electronic transactions in order to create trust, opportunity and equity for all. We were honored to be included in this conference and were impressed with the quality of questions that stemmed from the pannel discussion. If you want to...
August 18, 2017
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August, 2017
The new PDF standard ISO 32000-2:2017 (PDF 2.0) has been published online! This standard specifies a digital form for representing electronic documents to enable users to exchange and view electronic documents independent of the environment in which they were created or the environment in which they are viewed or printed. It is intended for developers of : software that creates PDF files (PDF writers), software that reads existing PDF files and (usually) interprets their contents for display (PDF readers), software that reads and displays PDF content and interacts with the computer users to...
July 31, 2017, release of 7.0.4, pdfCalligraph 1.0.3 and pdfHTML 1.0.1.
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July 31, 2017
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iText 5.5.11 is a maintenance release that rolls up 28 bugfixes from the past 5 months. No new functionality has been added since 5.5.10 . You can find the release over here . A full list of changes can be found in the changelog .
5 July 2017
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July 5, 2017
Intro Have you already committed an SSH private key, a password file or a config file with sensitive data to your repository before? In case you did not, I would recommend to first try this out before you continue reading this blogpost. For the rest of us: DON'T PANIC! Take a deep breath, get up from your desk, walk around for a few minutes. Ready? Okay, let's get started! The goal is to completely wipe a file out of existence in a Git repository, to cover all tracks of your horrible mistake. Do you want to be the person who...