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Open Source India 2016
We had a great time at Open Source India's OSI Days Conference .Our Founder and CTO, Bruno Lowagie, was a speaker at the conference and offered two talks: "Open Source, an introduction to IP and Legal" and "How can Large Open Source Projects be Monetized?" . The attendance for the event was impressive, and beyond that the attendees were top notch. The...
Today, OSCON (Open Source Convention) London 2016 has started, and iText is there! You can find us at booth #212 and drop by for a quick chat. As a company that grew from the open source community and still offers its flagship product that way under the AGPL license, we have not forgotten what made iText such a great PDF engine in the first place - its dedicated user base. We'll be on hand at OSCON to answer your questions about iText or discuss further developments with and within the open source community. Also, get to know our army of Lego minifigs...
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Today kicked off the two-day PDF Days event, hosted by the PDF Association. This year, the choice fell on Berlin as the host city of choice to gather the PDF world's finest minds and premium vendors. In over 30 seminars and workshops spread across three tracks, participants share knowledge and share ideas on topics such as PDF architecture, future business applications, end-user needs and frequently encountered challenges. iText is present at the event with a full delegation and hosts three workshops, starting of with iText founder Bruno Lowagie's speech on disrupting the documentation...
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Last week, the ISO committee devoted to PDF standards convened at iText's global HQ in Ghent, Belgium. The delegation took the opportunity to explore iText's brand-new offices, which offer a clear view over the city skyline, and then later went to tour the city itself, visiting various landmarks as well as a construction site generally not open to the public. The site in question is a renovation project for a canal area district that used to include a now-defunct circus and a gym, and will be reconverted to a library and a residential area with waterfront apartments.
iText GIDS talk Advanced typography
At GIDS 2016 we have now just demonstrated one of iText 7's more powerful features: the pdfCalligraph add-on.
The annual Great Indian Developer Summit has opened today in Bangalore, India. Sponsored by key players such as Microsoft, PayPal, Amazon and, yes, iText, the event kicked off with a keynote speech from our Chief Strategy Officer Bruno Lowagie, who used the event to launch iText 7 . iText 7 is of particular interest to the Indian market because one of its value add-ons supports correct retention and rendering of...
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Documation Paris 2016
Documation, an annual event held in Paris, France, around digitalization and document management, is in full swing. And iText is present! We're relishing the chance to talk to some customers as well as introduce ourselves to a whole host of potential new ones, and listening to the challenges organizations face in archiving, PDF management and smart document workflow. This year's edition runs on April 6 and 7, with the last day featuring a morning talk by iText's Product Manager Stephan Bleeckx about how PDF can help companies accelerate their digital transformation.
SXSW (South by Southwest) is one of the world's most highly-publicized festivals that combine music, interactive media, film and technology. For the 2016 edition, running from March 11 to March 20, iText's CSO and founder Bruno among the festival's 80.000 attendees. In his wake, he's brought an armada of iText lego minifigs. These @iText LEGO dudes are real conversation starters at #SXSW with @StartupsBe...
From February 22 to 25, the Mobile World Congress, which bills itself as "the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry", took place in Barcelona, Spain. iText founder and CEO Bruno attended the event and shared an iText booth with Hancom as well as Hancom's new, European subsidiary ThinkFree. Over 100,000 people from 204 countries attended the event. "This was our first opportunity to present ourselves in this way to the world," said Bruno. "It was pretty intense but interesting to see people recognizing me through the iText logo on my shirt. Some people spontaneously stepped up to...
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Tech Startup Day
Tech Startup Day is a mix of hands-on workshops, real-life testimonials, plenary keynotes and networking. It is the must-attend event for tech startups in Belgium. On February 18, 2016, over 1,000 attendees will join the most complete and inspiring conference of the year. iText founder Bruno Lowagie was the key note speaker of last year's edition. This year, he's on the lists of speakers once more. His talk is entitled "StartUp! ScaleUp! MoveUp!".