This is our team at the iText booth at the MS Tech Days in Thailand:
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A big thanks to the audience of our JavaOne talk IANAL: What Developers Should Know About IP and Legal at JavaOne on October 28, 2018. We've just received the results of the attendees that voted and we're very happy with the 32 positive, 2 neutral and 0 negative votes.
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The annual JavaOne conference is over. If you came to visit our booth, thanks and we'll hope to see you again next year. If not, please feel free to use your earliest opportunity to do so - or check out a number of highlights at our booth. Our booth was invaded by customized Lego minifigs, and visitors had the chance to take a few of our iText figs home! In addition, Bruno spoke on the hot topic of intellectual property at one of the talks in the Hilton Ballroom.
Last Monday 19 and Tuesday 20, iText had a team of 4 people at the PDF Technical Conference in San Jose. These are some pictures for those who missed the event: Panel discussion about PDF 2.0 From right to left: Leonard Rosenthol (moderator), Bruno Lowagie, François Fernandès, Matt Kuznicki, Duff Johnson. iText was on stage for two panel discussions and two talks. This is Ryan, showing how to create ZUGFeRD compliant invoices using iText: If you want to know more about our talks, you can download our new free ebook:...
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iText is excited to be a part of JavaOne 2015 for the 5th year in a row. Last year, we had pumpkin stress ball gadgets for JavaOne. This year, we'll be distributing LEGO minifigures at our booth:
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This year, iText was invited as a speaker at InForum in Melbourne: The topic? Archiving and PDF/A! We also had a booth at the event:
CONVERGENCE OF PHYSICAL, ELECTRONIC, AND MOBILE IDENTIFICATION The physical and digital worlds are intersecting. How does this impact on current physical identity documents, law enforcement, and related policy & procedures, as well as the large scale ID programs? This is the hot topic for the 7th edition of the eID Conference (former National eID & ePassport Conference) that will be hosted in Washington, DC, USA, on the 28th-29th of September 2015. 300 government delegates together with the brightest minds in the industry, come...
Today, we received good news: Just like last year, iText will have a booth at the event that takes place in San Francisco from October 25 to October 29. If you want to meet part of the iText crew, register for Java One 2015!
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Are you one of the 9,700 attendees of Devoxx UK? Look for the iText booth and talk to our developers:
Our CEO, Bruno Lowagie, talks to Document Boss' John Symon about how iText Group was founded and about the solutions iText has developed, which automate the entire document lifecycle from creation and are built around the universally accepted PDF format: