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We've published a 40-minute tutorial, explaining how to create a web application using iText and Codenvy : You can try this tutorial yourself using the code that is posted on Github or by cloning this repository:
Codenvy created a tutorial and factory url to quickly get started using iText 5.4.4. Codenvy is a cloud based IDE that eliminates the complexities of setting up a development environment and significantly saving time for application development. To quote Codenvy:...
Read what the developers at Google write about iText:
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Matt Stephens wrote "The Java world is good for “best-kept secrets”; and iText is one of the best."
Rod Cope listed iText as one of the 10 Open Source Solutions Your Enterprise Should Be Using: "This library lets Java developers create PDF files (without shelling out big bucks to Adobe for a PDF writer)."
I have been a big proponent of iText since somewhere around 2005. Over the course of that time, I have contributed code to iText, evangelized its benefits to numerous customers, and even get my daily does of humor when Paulo tells some newbie that 'there is no emergency and do not use caps'. Seriously, I have worked with PDF technologies for a decade, written numerous Acrobat plugins, know the Acrobat API almost by heart, and am always amazed at the level of sophistication, reliability and functionality that the iText project continues to deliver. Kudos to Bruno, Paulo, et al. Thanks. Chris...
A very nice framework. The only one in the market that delivers such a solution. Tim Bogaert, De Persgroep
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Andrew Binstock is currently the editor in chief of Oracle's Java News. He was the managing director of iText Software Corp. in 2009-2010 iText was the first open source PDF solution. In 2007, Andrew Binstock wrote: "What surprised me is that iText is unique: To my knowledge, there is no other free software package with its capabilities, or even a large subset of them. Uniqueness in open source, where almost all projects have several direct, competing counterparts, is comparatively rare." Read the article...
We evaluated 14 Java PDF libraries regarding their Android compatibility.
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Jorn Bettin is the author of best-selling books such as "Model-Driven Software Development: Technology, Engineering, Management" and "Management of the Object-Oriented Development Process" Already in 2006, Jorn Bettin listed iText as "overall best component on the market for its intended purpose" in his presentation "Building Durable Enterprise Architectures; Extending Build versus Buying Decision Frameworks with Open Source Options". Read the article