One message; two completely different interviews

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I was interviewed twice in two weeks. The topic was identical: the history of iText, the switch from free as in free beer to commercial open source, starting up a company for iText, doing business in Europe and the US. However, when I read the two articles, it was as if two different people had been interviewed.

In one interview, written by Eva Verplaetse, you get a positive message, about the fun creating a sustainable business. Yes, there are challenges, but we have a vision, a mission, and we are successful at what we do. The article will be published in March in a magazine called Wereldwijs (by Flanders Investment & Trade).
In the other interview, written by Frederik Tibau, you get a much more militant message. The article is published in DataNews and there's a fair amount of frustration shining through. I won't deny I've been frustrated at times; I guess that's inherent to starting up and maintaining a business. I hope people won't overlook the positive notes, for instance how I was helped by Andrew Binstock when my son was diagnosed with Cancer, or how the IBBT iBoot experience has helped me emancipate from a developer into an entrepreneur.




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