The iText Privacy & Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

When you use our website, we may store some information on your computer in the form of a helpful file known as a "cookie". Cookies are used to improve the online experience of almost every website, including our own. Learn more.

What types of cookies?


This Drupal Website may use two types of cookies (small data files placed on the hard drive of your computer when you visit a website): a "session cookie," which expires immediately when you end your browsing session and a "persistent cookie," which stores information on your hard drive so when you end your browsing session and return to this website later, the cookie information is still available.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s analytics tool that helps website and app owners to understand how their visitors engage with their properties. It may use a set of cookies to collect information and report website usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. In addition to reporting website usage statistics, the Google Analytics pixel tag can also be used, together with some of the advertising cookies described above, to help show more relevant ads on Google properties (like Google Search) and across the web. Learn more about Analytics cookies and privacy information.

Managing cookies

Most internet browsers allow you to erase cookies from your computer hard drive, block all cookies (or just third-party cookies) or warn you before a cookie is stored on your device.

Do I need to accept cookies?

You are not currently required to do anything, however by using our site you agree to the use of cookies as described here, in our cookie policy.

Do the cookies set by the iText website store my personal information?

The cookies used by this website do not contain any sensitive information about you:

  • They don't store your name.
  • They don't store your address.
  • They don't store any payment details.
  • You will not receive any calls or mail as a result of a cookie.