iText 5.5.3 release

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In the previous release dating from two months ago, we focused on XML Worker parsing HTML and CSS. In today's release, you'll discover that we focused mainly on XFA Worker. XFA is a closed source add-on written on top of iText. We've made the JavaScript interpretation more flexible, fixed page breaking mechanisms and issues with tables, and so on... All of these changes resulted from support tickets posted by customers.

This doesn't mean we didn't do any work on the other iText products:

  • iText: we've solved some problems when merging PDFs with interactive features using PdfCopy. We've added support for flattening annotations for which appearances were defined. We've made form-filling less dependent from the NeedAppearances flag to avoid confusion. We've fixed a problem that occurred when the rectangle of a field's widget annotation differs from the bounding box of its appearance. We've discovered that our PDF/A checker was too strict in some cases. We've fixed a problem with Datamatrix matrix codes. And we've further improved the PDF parsing functionality concerning inline images.
  • RUPS: We've made RUPS more user-friendly by adding short-cuts and menu entries for instance to open the PDF in a PDF viewer. We've also made it easier to navigate through a document.

  • XML Worker: We've added some extra CSS functionality involving images that was overlooked in the previous release.

Now we'll start preparing for our Java One tutorial session. If you're in San Francisco for the event, make sure you visit the iText booth.