iText 5.5.9 (March 15, 2016)

Tags: ReleaseiText 5Release Notes
The focus for version 5.5.9 was not on new features but that doesn't mean we've been twiddling our thumbs. This new version contains numerous bug fixes and improvements.

The areas of improvement include:

Tagged PDF and accessibility
  • Fixed an issue with tagging of nested lists.
  • Improvements in tagging of form XObjects.
  • When adding multiple Chunks to a Phrase, there's an optimization of merging them when they have the same properties. But this resulted in their accessibility attributes and roles being overwritten.
  • Corrected the allowed annotation types for PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3.
  • Fixed issues with output intents in PDF/A. We incorrectly flagged the generated PDF/A document as invalid when stamping an existing PDF/A document. There was also an issue when merging PDF/A documents.
Text extraction
  • Refactored our text extraction implementation to make it more customizable.

We have also continued our reorganization of the source code. The Android/GAE version of iText, iTextG, has been merged as a branch into our main Java repository: itext/itextpdf. From now on, iTextG will also be available as a Maven artifact on Central. To simplify building from source, we have also added a Vagrant configuration and updated our build files and build documentation.

A full list of changes can be found in the changelog.