iText 5.2.0 — XML Worker 1.1.2 Release notes

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IMPORTANT: All 5.2.x versions have been removed from our servers because of a serious flaw that was introduced when dealing with large PDFs!

We announced a new iText release for March, but as 2012 is a leap year, we decided to release on February 29th. Otherwise we'd have to wait for another four years before we have the chance to release on such a special day.

The previous release was iText 5.1.3 (dated 11-11-11, another special day) and we've been working with iText 5.1.4-SNAPSHOT for a long time now, but eventually we decided not to release a version 5.1.4, but to skip to version 5.2.0.

The philosophy of the version numbers is that you don't have to change any of your existing code when you upgrade when you upgrade from version x.y.z to version x.y.z+1. When we move from version x.y.z to version x.y+1.z, you may need to adapt some of your code.

In this case, you will need to replace your old itext-asian.jar with a new one, otherwise your code using CJKFont won't work. You'll find it in You'll also need to apply small changes (nothing more than changing package names) if your application depends on java.awt classes such as PdfGraphics2D. We have been experimenting with iText on Google Android and Google App Engine, and we reduced the dependency of iText on java.awt classes to a minimum.

What else is new? We focused on two major fields:

iText 5.2.0: better PDF parsing

We received plenty of feedback regarding PDF parsing, and we've taken into account almost all the issues that were reported. This means that PDF to text conversion with iText has now improved dramatically. Soon the Belgian IRS will start using iText to parse thousands of documents looking for a national number on the first page. We're using different strategies to do this: we parse the text at a specific position if we know it; or we parse the whole page looking for a pattern if the number can be anywhere on the page. We've also improved the parsing of PDF documents in languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese,...

XML Worker 1.1.2: better HTML rendering

We received plenty of feedback regarding HTML parsing, and we've taken into account a lot of issues that were reported. This means that HTML to PDF conversion with iText has improved dramatically. We still don't offer URL2PDF conversion. For instance: float still isn't supported, but version 1.1.2 of the XML Worker does a much better job at converting flowing HTML to PDF.

Besides the two major areas of interest of this release, we also introduced experimental SVG parsing, we filled some gaps regarding PAdES, we now support PDF files of over 2 GB (up to 10 GB for traditional PDFs and up to 1 TB for PDFs with a cross-reference stream), and we fixed some bugs.

Take a look at the changelog for more info, and go to the download page if you want to try this new version.