iText 5.3.2 — XML Worker 1.1.6 Release notes

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I've just released iText 5.3.2 and XML Worker 1.1.6. We've fixed some minor bugs in XML Worker, but the main reason for this release is iText's digital signature functionality.

The day after tomorrow, we'll be releasing the draft of the first 90 pages of our white paper about digital signatures. During the writing process, we decided it would be a good idea to improve some interfaces, for instance 'Why use true/false for CAdES/CMS? Why not use an enum?' or 'Why do we force people to use the same provider for hashing and signing?' and 'why don't we use Bouncy Castle as default for making digests?'
Those are questions users don't always dare asking out-loud, but we were confronted with these questions ourselves whilst documenting the functionality. So we did a great effort straightening everything out, providing a much more programmer-friendly interface. In the next versions, you can expect us to do the same effort regarding the verification of digital signatures, so keep following us.