iText 5.3.4 — XML Worker 1.2.1 Release notes

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iText 5.3.4 and XML Worker 1.2.1 have been released! Read all about it in the changelogs.

I needed the release because I'm going to present the white paper on digital signatures next week. In my presentation, I'll discuss PAdES-4 (LTV), and I've written the code to verify Document-level timestamps and signatures with verification related info stored in Document Security Stores less than a month ago.

You can also see a glimpse of two of our big goals for 2013 in the changelog:

  1. We'll take a closer look at unstructured data: we can parse a PDF and extract the text, but then what? How do we get more information from a PDF than just some plain text?

  2. We're preparing for high-level support for Tagged PDF. This should significantly reduce the effort needed to create documents that are PDF/UA or PDF/A Level A compliant. This functionality is a work in progress. The only thing that should work right now, is the code that merges the structured tree when concatenating tagged PDFs.

There were some minor bug fixes, the most important one being the fix that gives PdfReader access to some objects that were previously 'invisible' due to a bug. Especially in XML Worker, you'll see some changes that are less important for iText core and iText's XML Worker, but that were crucial for our closed source project XFA Worker.

I noticed that I forgot to release iText 5.3.3 on the Maven Central Repository. I'm sorry for that. I'll skip that release, and I'll release iText 5.3.4.