iText 5.4.1 — XML Worker 5.4.1 Release notes

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Almost two months have passed since 13th anniversary release of iText. We've spent these months on some projects for customers, on developing new business models (visiting different companies in the US) and on tying the loose ends that surfaced due to the major changes in 5.4.0. Let's take a look at the most important changes:

The previous release was more or less the PDF/UA-release, introducing a better way to create and reuse structured PDFs aka Tagged PDF. In this release, we've added the support for extra attributes and we fixed some minor problems.

We've introduced plenty of new ways to create tabs. This functionality was inspired by a question of one of our customers who had a specific requirement that couldn't be met using ordinary "Chunk Tabs". We decided to make a project out of it, and we just went ahead rewriting all the tab functionality.
The same goes for the introduction of the concept of word spacing in the context of Chunk elements. A customer needed this feature, we provided it.
Another customer performed stress tests on the new IO package introduced in iText 5.4.0. He found several situations where iText 5.4.0 doesn't release file handles in a timely fashion. That's now fixed, but it remains important for you to close PdfReader instances once you no longer need them.
Yet another customer noticed that GIF files aren't always fully downloaded when creating an Image object using an internet URL. That problem has been solved too. You may have seen the tweets about the increasing volume of sales. More sales means more customers; more customers means more useful feedback; and more useful feedback means a better product!

For the complete changelog, see iText 5.4.1.