How to Add Electronic and Digital Signatures to a Universal Application (UWP) with iText
Recently we found Paul Madary's blog post about signing files in a UWP app with iText, and we wanted to share it. Paul gracefully agreed to let us do that, and as a bonus we upgraded the code to be usable out-of-the-box with iText 7.1.3. The only change needed is the method SignDocumentSignature .
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Bug [DEVSIX-2080] : Append mode works incorrectly for hybrid-reference documents. [DEVSIX-2162] : Could not initialize class com.itextpdf.styledxmlparser.jsoup.nodes.Entities$EscapeMode . [DEVSIX-2166] : The itext7.nuspec of .NET itextcore needs to be adapted for the merge of sxp and svg into itextcore. [DEVSIX-2193] : Empty svg javadoc jar deployed to Artifactory. [DEVSIX-2314] : HtmlConverter doesn't free resources after using them. [DEVSIX-1787] : No warning for "volume" license. [DEVSIX-2043] : SVG cannot handle 2 concatenated path instructions. [DEVSIX-2044] :...
October 25th, release of iText 7.1.4
Changelogs release 7.1.3, August 30 2018
August 30, 2018, changelogs release of iText 7.0.8
August 30, release of iText 7.1.3
August 30, 2018, release of iText 7.0.8
iText is proud to be honored with a third Silver Stevie in the International Business Awards. This year we were recognized for the "Most Innovative Company of the Year- under 100 employees".
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An extra big thank you to these three top contributors for last quarter.
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iText tips
Our Q2 tips, that we would like to share with you: How to mask images, How to unembed a font, How to color letters in a paragraph, How to add a border to a paragraph, How to mimic responsive design, How to support custom tags, How to center text, and DZone Guide to Java.