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The PDF capabilities of the iText 7 Suite and our document solutions are simplifying document processes for more than 5,000 customers worldwide, providing quick and effective PDF solutions to everyday challenges. It's no wonder that our expertise covers a wide range of sectors.

Integration with new technologies

PDF Creation

iText has a number of solutions for creating PDF documents. Which one is best for you depends upon your requirements, level of convenience, and how much flexibility or control you want over the creation process.


Automate your high volume document processes to save time and focus on other priorities.


Discover solutions for the archiving and preservation of digital documents.

Universal Accessibility

When digital documents are often the sole source of information available, it is important that everyone has equal access to all the information in those documents. That is exactly what PDF/UA – the PDF standard for Universal Accessibility – aims to do.

Digital Signatures

A key benefit of the iText PDF library is its support for secure PDF digital signatures. Digitally sign your PDF documents for non-repudiation, integrity and authenticity protection.

Data Extraction

Why you need PDF data extraction in your workflow, and how iText can help.

PDF Security

Ensuring that your data is secure and protected is important. iText offers many ways to customize the security features on your documents.

iText & GDPR

Are you GDPR compliant? If your company targets any EU citizens, regardless of where they are currently located, you need to make sure your data processes comply.

iText & CCPA

If your company targets California residents, you will need to make sure your data processes comply with CCPA legislation. Learn how you can make compliance easier with iText.


Integrate the blockchain technology into iText 7, enabling you to store digital signatures in a blockchain instead of in the PDF document.

What industries do we already provide with PDF solutions?


Create invoices, packing slips directly from data on your ecommerce platform. Create document templates that help you stand out from the crowd.


Create purchase orders, contracts and service agreements based on data in your procurement database.


Create tax documents (real estate tax, motor vehicle tax, etc.) or certificates based on data in your citizens database

Human Resources

Create contracts, employee requests and other employment-related documents directly from your HR administration platform

Create contracts and agreements automatically based on data on your administration system. Standardized documents reduce risk of errors and provide considerable savings.


Create offers, coupons with ease based on data on your CRM system. Customize your marketing materials to reflect your corporate visual identity.

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Ready to take your document workflow to the next level?

iText Group nv is a proven and award-winning solution partner in automating document processes. We have been passionate about delivering better automated document processes for over 15 years. With us, you can truly take your documentation needs to the next level. iText serves over 5,000 customers across the globe, including finance, government, technology and logistics companies.

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