The world-class support you deserve

While our AGPL license customers can still enjoy community support, professional support and update services require purchasing an iText commercial license. This support is mandatory in your first year of using our product. Through our dedicated support desk, you gain direct access to our in-house iText developers, who will help you diagnose and investigate issues and compile fixes where needed. Maintenance includes access to major and minor new releases of iText.

iText Support levels

Professional support

You can provide up to three e-mail addresses for your identified support contacts, who will get direct access to our JIRA issue tracker as well as fast access to new iText releases. After your first year of mandatory support, fees will be calculated at 20% your license price. 95% of our customers continue renewing their support program, which is a testament to its high quality and added value.

  • Direct Access to in house iText Developers

  • Updates and Upgrades to the latest features

  • Assistance with implementing features

Community support

This is your only option as an AGPL user. If you have a technical question, you may find the answer in our easy to navigate iText Developer Resources or you can search for answers on Stack Overflow.

Note that developers post answers on Stack Overflow on a voluntary basis. There is no guaranteed response-time on any posted questions. Nor is there any guarantee that the responses will be accurate or come from an iText developer.

Free e-books

In addition, you may download the free e-books

These books bundle interesting questions that have been posted by other developers. Technology and standards that are becoming industry standards and the how-to for digital signatures with iText.

Where to post what type of question