Why does my header overlap with my content?

I am using page events to create a header that consists of a table. This table is added to each page in my document, but unfortunately, it overlaps with the rest of my content. How can I avoid this?

How to create a table in which the cells have different widths?

How to create with Java a table with three different row widths.

How to draw vertical gradient in iTextSharp?

I can make a horizontal gradient, but how do I make it vertical?

How to add alternative text for an image in Tagged PDF?

I know that iText can generate tagged PDF documents from scratch, but is it possible to insert alternative text for images in an existing tagged PDF without changing anything else?

How to prevent splitting a table?

How to ensure the entire table goes on the same page.

How to create radio buttons inside a table?

How do I use iText 7 to create a table with a radio button inside?

How to superimpose pages from existing documents into another document?

I need to add existing pages from different PDFs under an existing page in another PDF.

How to modify the size of annotations and make them read-only?

1. Is it possible to disable the options dropdown list for annotations(text,stamp etc.)? If so, how?

2. Can the size of the annotation boxes (for popup annotations, text annotations, etc.) be changed?

How to create a list without indentation?

Is it possible to create numbered lists without any indentation?

How to add a table in the top-right corner of the page?

I'm creating a table in PDF using iText. I want to place it in top right corner.

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