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Our software products

iText 7 Suite

iText 7 Community

For developers who wish to share their entire application source code with the open-source community as free software under the AGPL “copyleft” terms.

iText 7 Core

If you want to use iText in a closed source, proprietary environment, you have to purchase an iText commercial license. You can also extend iText 7 Core with iText 7 add-ons.


An iText 7 add-on. Remove content from your PDF files quickly and efficiently.


An iText 7 add-on. Automate your invoices with PDF technology that's compliant with the ZUGFeRD standard.


An iText 7 add-on. Access the world's only tool for debugging PDF syntax in real-time, integrated within your developer environment!


An iText 7 add-on. Achieve the right ligatures, calligraphy and type-setting for special and non-Latin script types (e.g. Arabic and Devanagari).


An iText 7 add-on. Flatten dynamic forms, and secure your data.


An iText 7 add-on. Convert HTML and CSS to PDF, with ease.


An iText 7 add-on. Extract data from your PDF documents, programmatically.

The iText Developer Platform

Have you ever wanted to make money from your application development? We can help.

The iText developer platform is now available for third party add-ons. This means that we are looking for development partners who want to build and create iText 7 add-ons, but want to leave marketing and sales to the professionals. We sell your add-on as an iText product, and you get revenue sharing for every sale we make.

Sounds interesting?

Why choose iText?

  • Create document applications faster with the best programming module. Your PDFs will be produced in less time. With the iText API you can create a PDF with only 5 additional lines of code!

  • You get one of the best-documented and most versatile PDF engines in the world (written in Java and .NET). We offer free eBooks, tutorials, and examples.

  • Integrate PDF functionalities within your applications, processes or products. With the release of iText 7 Suite, you can optimize invoicing, ensure long-term archiving, take care of compliance issues through a PDF SDK, create your PDFs with more elegant typography, safeguard your intellectual property, and much more.

  • Get direct access to our support staff on three continents.

  • A proven and award winning solution partner in automating document processes. We have been passionate about delivering better automated document processes for over 15 years. With us, you can truly take your documentation needs to the next level. iText serves over 5,000 customers across the globe, including finance, government, technology and logistics companies.

Why iText

Our key features

Automate complex document processes

Create and convert documents from XML, HTML, web forms, CSS or databases to PDF and make them compliant with worldwide standards.

Secure your PDF documents

Fill out and flatten interactive forms (AcroForm and XFA), add interactivity and allow digital signatures and invoices to optimize your workflow and reduce your paper stack.

Simplify document processes

Split or merge documents, copy, import or tile pages or enrich structure and redact content such as barcodes, watermarks and stamps.

Future-proof archiving and accessibility

Turn your archives into neatly organized and compliant data that can even be read by users with visual impairments.

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About us

Our mission

To continue to innovate ways to make our users and customers lives simpler by offering digital transformation options to make PDF processes smoother, faster and more automated. For our customers, offering rapid support to optimize your customer experience.

Our vision

We want to enable the paperless world pushing the limits of digital document interactivity.

Our values

  • Open-Source
  • Collaborative innovation
  • Rewarding hard work and dedication

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