iText RUPS

The PDF Diagnostic Tool for Reading and Updating PDF Syntax & Debugging PDF code.

Our PDF diagnostic tool for reading and updating PDF Syntax is built on iText Core and offers a crystal-clear look on how your PDF is constructed and makes it possible to inspect the PDF Syntax for possible errors.


Why use iText RUPS?

If you ever wondered what a PDF looks like on the inside and were scared away when opening a file in a plain text editor, try iText RUPS and many secrets will be unveiled. 

RUPS is a PDF inspection tool, which we use a lot internally to inspect PDFs received from customers and users. RUPS immediately updates PDFs as well.

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​​​​​​​Speed up your debugging process

  • Look into your PDF file's objects and content streams.

  • Inspect your internal dictionary content.

  • Examine XObjects to check for filesize inflation.

  • Meet Standards for PDF syntax or XFA technology.

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Debugging PDF documents

Easily copy/paste decompressed content streams, debug page content and extract an image stream. 

Key features

Core capabilities of iText RUPS

RUPS is a tool for developers by developers, originating in our labs as an internal diagnostics tool. Allow developers to understand your PDF's different objects and content streams, resulting in faster debugging and fixing.

Internal diagnostic tool

That allows developers to understand a PDF file’s different objects and content streams, resulting in faster debugging and fixing.

PDF inspector

Easily inspect the internal dictionary content of your PDF.

XObject examination

It uses XObject examination to check for file size inflation and has a standardization check for PDF syntax of XFA technology.


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