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Template-based PDF data extraction solution

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We asked our customers and contributors to share their story with you, and how iText PDF has helped them leverage their projects.

iText Core and pdfHTML enabling dynamic statement generation for Green Dot Bank

Learn how a leading US fintech benefits from iText’s high-volume PDF capabilities in generating on-demand, customized digital statements for online banking customers and Banking as a Service platform partners.
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How DocuSign uses iText in their eSignature electronic signature solution

Learn how iText enables DocuSign, a pioneering and market-leading developer of electronic signature technology, ensure a secure and reliable service for their customers.
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iText DITO: Accelerating document design and generation for PEA employee benefits

Learn how iText DITO, our collaborative document solution, enables the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand to easily design, modify and generate data-driven employee benefits documents and reports for the PEA Life app.
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