Looking for an API to convert HTML to PDF? pdfHTML can help! pdfHTML is an extention for iText 7, allowing you to easily convert HTML and CSS into PDF documents in Java or .NET. When using pdfHTML in a closed source, you need to purchase an iText commercial license.


iText 7 pdfHTML

pdfHTML is an HTML to PDF converter, that easily converts HTML and CSS into PDF documents. As an iText 7 add-on you can use pdfHTML for out-of-the-box solutions, or on its own.


Why use iText 7 pdfHTML?

Re-use the structural information from HTML so that you can easily create PDF/A, PDF/UA, or Tagged PDF. 

Easily integrates with HTML tools

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By using HTML and CSS to layout and style your document, you can leverage your existing HTML and CSS skills to create PDFs. This add-on easily integrates with HTML tools.

Out of the box and customized options for HTML to PDF conversion.

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The HTML elements are already mapped to iText elements based on HTML5 and CSS3. To customize, you simply add your own handlers to the pdfHTML framework.

Create a structured PDF document

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Re-use structural and semantic information from HTML to create PDF/As, PDF/UAs or Tagged PDFs, and create standard compliant PDF documents. 

Key features

Core capabilities of iText 7 pdfHTML

pdfHTML provides a convenient API which allows you to convert a HTML file straight to a PDF file or to a list of iText elements, giving you fine control over how to parse and insert the HTML elements.  

Leverage HTML flexibility in PDF

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  • Convert static HTML5 and CSS3 to PDF
  • The conversion is customizable, dynamic and simple through an easy to use API. 

Conversion options

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  • Convert a full document to PDF directly.
  • Convert an HTML snippet to "iText building blocks", e.g. an HTML rich text paragraph to an iText Paragraph object.

Create PDFs that are compliant with PDF standards

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More specifically, PDF/A, PDF/UA and Tagged PDFs.


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  • Add dynamic content to your PDF such as barcodes.
  • Leverage converter properties and custom processing of tags to fine-tune your conversion.

Happy customers

With iText we have the peace of mind that we are delivering a solid solution to our client.

iText is a breeze! Using a proven and tested PDF technology helped us to focus on what we do best — building a high quality mobile app.

We chose the iText library because it was the only solution that allowed easy integration into our open standards architecture.


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