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PDF/UA: the inclusive document format

In this ebook we will first get to know our audience and the adaptive technology they use. Then we will zoom in on the requirements that make up PDF/UA and how to validate their conformance. We’ll also learn about the regulations across the world and how PDF/UA can benefit all users. We’ll even take it one step further and provide you a tutorial on creating PDF/UA conformant documents with the iText 7 Suite.
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PDF/A ebook cover page

PDF/A: digital documents to withstand the sands of time

In this ebook we will look into the reasons to use PDF/A, the standard’s details, popular use cases, areas of application over various industries and an archiving case study of an implementation of iText by medical imaging specialist Zeiss. We’ll even take it one step further and provide you a tutorial on creating PDF/A with the iText 7 Library.
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eBook cover Blockchain for PDF Documents

Blockchain for PDF Documents

You have sent out some contracts in PDF to your clients and would like to be able to track real time who has already signed the document, and with whom it is now.
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iText 5 examples

This book is a collection of useful examples for iText 5. Note that as iText 5 is now EOL, you can find iText 7 equivalent examples in the iText 7 examples ebook.
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