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Release iText 7.0.3

With 7.0.3 we're bringing you another maintenance release for iText 7 Community. We've also updated pdfSweep to 1.0.2, pdfXFA to 1.0.1 and the license key library to 2.0.4.

Release iText 7.0.2

For this release, we have added some a minor updates to our iText 7 platform, version 7.0.2. As well as some updates for the License Key Library, pdfHTML and pdfCalligraph.

Release iText 7.0.1

iText 7.0.1 is our first functional product update. It's a maintenance release that fixes a number of minor bugs, re-syncs the Java and .NET versions and better supports C#. In addition, it falls back on an expanded volume of finished product documentation, examples and Q&A items that were still work in progress when 7.0.0. was released.

Release iText 7.0.0

With the release of iText 7, redesigned from the ground up, even more features and functionalities are now at developers' fingertips. iText 7 Community comes with the AGPL license.

Release iText 5.5.8

We are now releasing iText 5.5.8 and we've reorganized the source code. The projects itextpdf, pdfa, xtra, and xmlworker, are now all in one place: itext/itextpdf.

Release iText 5.5.7

Release of version 5.5.7 for iText 5 Core  brings several improvements for tables, forms, digital signatures,  create ZUGFeRD invoices, and much more.

Release iText 5.5.6

For the release of version 5.5.6 of iText 5 Core, we have continued working on the CleanUp functionality in the xtra package. We now support redaction that involves lines and shapes.

Release iText 5.5.4

Release of iText 5.5.4 on December 17, with this release we are adding new features to XFA worker based on requirements of our customers.

Release iText 5.5.3

In the previous release, we focused on XML Worker parsing HTML and CSS. For this release, we focused mainly on XFA Worker. XFA is a closed source add-on written on top of iText.

Release iText 5.5.2

For the release o iText 5.5.2 we have put a lot of effort into: major improvements to the CSS parser. This is actually a complete rewrite of the CSS functionality, resulting in much better interpretation of CSS syntax. You'll find these changes in iText's XML Worker. The HTMLWorker class that was shipped with iText 5 Core was finally deprecated.

Release iText 5.5.1

For this release, we've invested in even more development of XFA Worker, including tagged PDF functionality. Offering the possibility to generate PDF/A and PDF/UA documents from XFA forms.

Release iText 5.5.0

We received plenty of feedback regarding the accessibility functionality that was introduced last year. The PDF/UA spec is relatively new and the ISO committee is still fixing a couple of issues that were discovered in the first version. The same goes for iText.

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